Landlord-tenant mediation

We're here to help all sides of a dispute through Landlord-Tenant mediation.


We specialize in landlord-tenant mediation for landlords, property managers, realtors and tenants.  Because of our extensive experience with landlord and tenant issues, you benefit from our landlord-tenant, property manager-tenant mediation services.  By utilizing proven mediation techniques it is very likely that an amicable resolution will be reached.  By providing a proven alternative way to litigation, you will be able to spend some time on your business or career and not  worry about any issues with your tenant or landlord.


We offer virtual and in-person landlord-tenant mediation in the Greater Philadelphia area. We are experienced in resolving tenant, landlord and property management conflicts in a speedy manner.


Mediation is a method of dispute resolution in which parties that have a disagreement use ASAP Mediation to help them resolve the disagreement and find a mutually beneficial solution the fastest way possible.


Mediation is confidential.
Reduces costs by eliminating court expenses. Parties control the outcome, not a judge.
Ability to save relationships.
Faster outcome.

Speedy Resolutions

Court can take months. Mediations can resolve issues within days rather than waiting for issues to escalate. Mediation can resolve issues within days preventing issues from escalating.


The court process is generally an adversarial system. Mediation allows you the opportunity to resolve the issues and still be able to keep the relationship.


Mediation is less expensive than going to court. There are no court fees involved and our fees are less expensive than an attorney.

Resolving Conflicts & Creating Solutions


Our Team

The Process

With over 20 years of experience with landlord-tenant issues, our experience mediator will work closely with other professionals to assist you to get an immediate resolution that works best.

When comparing mediation to arbitration and litigation, mediation it is less expensive and expeditious process. It also has significantly reduced risk, as mediation attempts to resolve the situation by meeting the needs of all sides of the dispute. 

How Mediation Can Help


Watch the video below to learn more about ASAP Mediation and our services.

How you benefit from our approach to conflict?


After speaking with one of the parties, we review the circumstances to determine if mediation is a good fit for you.  After all parties are in agreement about having a mediation meeting, we’ll listen to what all parties have to say. 

We serve as a neutral party to guide you through a positive discussion about what the issues are and how we can all work together to find a solution that will benefit all parties.  We then draft an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties.

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